Wisdom From The Vivarium

Lazzy 1

‘Tis the month for counting blessings and, while I have numerous things I could share which I am grateful for, those of you who know me well know I can’t help but find meaning in the absurd.  I’ve been off the grid for several weeks, working hard on other writing projects, but I can’t let the season pass without sharing one particular blessing.

I am thankful for bugs.  (Notice I am not including arachnids in this profession of gratitude.)  In fact, this past month I have learned much from my little friends.  It began in early October when my cousin, who lives out in the toolies, (That is redneck speak for way out in the woods with few or no neighbors in sight.)  had caught a praying mantis and texted me to ask if I wanted it.  Being a town dweller, my opportunities to observe and enjoy this particular species is limited.  I jumped at the chance, and was soon taking custody of a dandy male praying mantis, whom my cousin’s children had named Jackie Chan, likely due to his naturally awesome kung fu fighting stance.

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