Every Once in a Great While, I am ‘SuperMom’!

I almost missed a birth in my kitchen the other day.  It was the birthing of a dream; an idea that, once conceived in my youngest child’s mind, was demanding to be born.  “I want to fly, Momma.”  She stated matter-of-factly.  “Can we buy a helium tank and some balloons?”

Being the proverbial wet blanket, I continued loading the dishwasher and listed all of the reasons why we could not bring her idea to fruition.  It would never work.  We could never afford enough helium.  We would need special equipment.   On and on I imparted practical wisdom which I assumed would settle the matter.  I was mistaken.  My youngest, like many a family ‘baby,’ is stubborn.  Bone-deep stubborn.  “Can’t we at least try?”  Something in her tone took me aback.  She was serious.  She really wanted to try this.

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