Thinking Southern


If I were to choose an animal which best personifies my character, I fear the sloth would be the most honest choice.  Looking out at the world wide web these past couple of days, I find many of you already gearing up to make this coming year a year of great change, brought to fruition through staunch determination and good old fashioned grit.  It’s admirable.  Like strong, efficient panthers or energetic Jack Russell terriers, you all seem ready to take on the world.  Admirable, indeed.

Me?  Well, I’m just beginning to recover from the hectic activity of Christmas.  The past few days have been focused on simply breathing.  I find myself just now reflecting on the past year, my successes and failures, and contemplating what it all means.  My mind moves slowly, sifting memories, each thought carefully examined and categorized before being filed away in the corridors of my mind palace.  (It’s really less  a palace and more dilapidated hoarder’s den, but my home is my castle, yes?)  Musing, for me, is not a speedy process.

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