Behind Every Great Daddy…


“I can’t believe he put his hands on my son!” My friend was livid.  Quivering with the adrenaline rush of anger, she stalked across the park, her normally beautiful face a mask of fury.  Looking back at me, lips contorting into an ugly sneer, she hissed, “Can you believe that @$$#*%#?”

I’ve heard the expression ‘spitting mad’, but until that day I had never actually witnessed it.  It’s real, let me tell you, and I was flummoxed as to how I should respond.

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I was going through some old papers recently, and I found this piece that my husband wrote.  Now understand that my husband does not have a love affair with the pen as I do.  When he actually sits down to flesh a thought out on paper, it is only because the topic is something of import to him.

This particular bit of writing was born out of a situation we faced where our daughter was exposed to another girl who was, shall we say, rather rough around the edges.  That is putting it mildly.

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