Almost Made It! (Book List for 2019)

For several years now I purpose to try and read 52 books in the new year.  Being a slow reader and a busy mama, I usually only hit around 35 or so.  This last year I actually hit 48…or is it 49, since I read one of these volumes twice? 🤔

Either way, I always have a lot of fun shooting for that elusive number 52.  So without further prattling, I present to you my 2019 reading list.  (I’ve marked my top 10 faves in red.)

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The Elusive Magic Number

For the most part, I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. They feel too much like rules to me and the world has quite enough of those, thank you very much. However, there is one thing I have challenged myself to do every year for some time now. Every year I fail, yet I look forward to trying again each January as I turn to a fresh page in my notebook.

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A Failed Resolution: Why I Still Count it a Success


I’ve always been rather sneaky. Just ask my mom. Playing it close to the vest comes naturally to me, so when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I really don’t care to tip my hand. If I tell you what I resolve to do, you may try to hold me to it if I change my mind. To avoid the resentment that would surely ensue, I usually save us all the trouble and refuse to set goals or make resolutions. It’s simpler that way and I get to keep my friends. But once in a while, I do sneak a resolution in.

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