Christians in the Closet


“What do you think about…?”  Hands wrapped around her steaming mug, my friend leaned forward with an open expression.  I looked down at my own latte and contemplated the designs swirled into the foam by the talented barista.  Not wanting to give a trite response, I took a moment to answer.  I feel honored when my friend asks my opinion because I know she takes my words seriously.  Even when she disagrees with my stance.  Taking a deep breath, I launched into my thoughts on the topic.  Our coffee date this month was sure to be a lively one.

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The Day I Learned That I am Not the Messiah


The day I learned that I am not the Messiah was clear and sunny, a rarity for our neck of the woods. I could feel the warmth of the grass as I settled into a spot close to the baptismal. A perfect spot for taking pictures. I was glad I’d remembered to wear my sunglasses as I looked up at the bright sky. My ‘babies’ were about to be baptized. And I had had nothing to do with their decision to do so.

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